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GRAMME. A French weight. The gramme is the weight of a cubic centimetre of distilled water, at the temperature of zero. It is equal to 15.4441 grains troy, or 5.6481 drachms avoirdupois. Vide. Measure.

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The bachelor's programme in Engineering, Computer Applications, Business Administration and the MBA proA[degrees] gramme offered at Waljat College follow the same course content, academic requirements and teachingA[degrees]learning methodology as that offered at BIT, and the curA[degrees] riculum is reviewed and upgraded periodically.
He went on to say he had made a connection in South Africa in February 2009 and since his return to the UK he had made arrangements for a delivery every four to five weeks by telephone and paid for the drug by money transfer from his Disability Living Allowance, at a cost of pounds 270 for five grammes.
Similarly, prices of 22-carat touched Dh214 per gramme in the morning session and returned to Dh211.
oBut the key difference is that gold costs Dh37 a gramme more this year.
Similarly, prices of 22-carat touched Dh213 per gramme in the morning session and returned to Dh211.
Officers found 26 grammes of cocaine in a green booklet next to the bed in the main bedroom.
Recommended guidelines from the British Dietetics Association state that women should have no more than five grammes of salt per day while men should not exceed seven grammes.
Officers also found 500 grammes of cannabis in a car parked outside belonging to the 36-year-old.
A 55-year-old man in Paphos has been arrested in connection with the possession of 28 grammes of cannabis.
She ate up to two 200 gramme bags of traditional liquorice pastilles, known as Pontefract Cakes, every day before she was rushed into hospital.
He would use some himself and sell the rest in half gramme deals for pounds 25 a time to friends.
The householder, who had a six- gramme piece of resin from the same block as that in the canvas bag, was arrested and admitted having it for his own use.