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4) In the midst of this continuing fiscal and moral crisis, Sultan Mehmed IV (1648-87) conferred authority on a family of reforming grand viziers, or chief ministers-the Koprulu family, who headed the Ottoman government for most of the second half of the seventeenth century.
38) The sweeping reforms of the Koprulu grand viziers at the end of the seventeenth century coincided with a fervent movement of religious purification that culminated in the heyday of the Kadizadelis under Vani Mehmed Efendi.
The grand vizier of the time, Koprulu Fazil Ahmed Pasha, favored the Kadizadelis and employed Vani Mehmed Efendi as his personal spiritual counselor.
20) Grand Vizier Koprulu Fazil Ahmed Pasha had his own celebi, his personal banker, who, ironically, was a Sabbatian.
The professional actors who portrayed sultans sitting on their thrones, grand viziers, viziers, harem aghas, or janissaries took visitors hundreds of years back in time.