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He rose from humble beginnings in the janissary ranks to grand vizier, holding the position for over fourteen consecutive years (r.
38) The sweeping reforms of the Koprulu grand viziers at the end of the seventeenth century coincided with a fervent movement of religious purification that culminated in the heyday of the Kadizadelis under Vani Mehmed Efendi.
The grand vizier of the time, Koprulu Fazil Ahmed Pasha, favored the Kadizadelis and employed Vani Mehmed Efendi as his personal spiritual counselor.
20) Grand Vizier Koprulu Fazil Ahmed Pasha had his own celebi, his personal banker, who, ironically, was a Sabbatian.
The Grand Vizier Ibrahim Pasha suggested a triple Franco-Ottoman-Russia alliance to the French ambassador, the Vicomte d'Andrezel and said:
The pictures do not record such humiliations as the ambassador's wait outside the palace while the Grand Vizier and other viziers passed before him, or his act of prostration, held down by Ottoman officials, three times before the Sultan (sources differ as to whether the ambassador's head hit the ground)'.
One artist, Rhombaud Faidherbe, was posted in the street to watch the Sultan and Grand Vizier, so that he could paint them from memory.
In the face of external and internal challenges, central government proved to be ineffective--as between1648 and 1656 there was a total of twelve grand viziers.
The Kadizadeli movement is introduced, whose growing influence on the elite suffered a set-back when Koprulu Mehmed Pasha became grand vizier in 1656.
At that time, Mehmed IV also appointed an official chronicler and developed a close relationship with the Kadizadeli preacher Vani Mehmed Efendi, who became the confident of the sultan, and also of Hatice Turhan and the grand vizier.
Malcolm pinpoints the Sokollu dynasty in Istanbul, which supplied a succession of Grand Viziers, did not lose contact with its Bosnian Serb family, and used its influence to protect the interests of the Serbian Orthodox church.