grant of authority

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This grant of authority is extremely useful given the strict restrictions imposed under HIPAA.
OMI Corporation (NYSE:OMM) of Stamford, Connecticut announced today that as of the close of business October 10, 2004 it had acquired 3,380,000 shares of its common stock since its announcement of the most recent grant of authority by its board of directors on September 12, 2005, at prices ranging from $17.
If the agreement is executed by a person under a power of attorney granted by the taxpayer, the power of attorney must clearly express the taxpayer's grant of authority to consent to IRS disclosure of the taxpayer's returns and return information to third parties; a copy of that power of attorney must be attached to the agreement.
Legislatures exercise great control over local school boards, since boards operate on a grant of authority from the state.
While changing taxpayer behavior may be the IRS's ultimate goal, we question whether the use of revenue procedures to advance a substantive change in the law is a proper use of the IRS's broad grant of authority to ensure compliance with proper accounting methods.
Two provisions in early versions of the House bill had been unacceptable to the AICPA: the private right of action and the grant of authority to the Securities and Exchange Commission to make rules interpreting provisions of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.
Under the grant of authority issued by PAGCOR, New Victor Corporation, along with its new joint venture partner, Thunderbird will supply slot machines and add its operating expertise to this PAGCOR facility.
This broad grant of authority, however, is constrained by Regs.
The grant of authority is so vague--and therefore potentially broad--however, that taxpayers understandably view the new statute with concern.