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While institutional grant aid is higher at private doctoral universities--which have the highest tuition levels--than at other types of private institutions, it has been rising in all segments of the sector.
The Grant Aid Program for Rehabilitation and Recovery from Typhoon Yolanda worth JP[yen] 4.
provided the most grant aid per capita while Georgia, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Kentucky provided the most grant awards per student enrolled.
The generators are being provided as part of emergency grant aid from the Japanese government in response to Myanmar's current power crisis.
Not many rural businesses necessarily have that spare cash lying about, even with the incentive of 40% grant aid to aim for.
Now comes a second revelation regarding grant aid for already-thriving Southampton - the Department for Transport has spent millions improving the M27 in a bid to help speed up transport access to the port (pounds 49m of help, to be precise).
It is for all these reasons that we have been urging ministers to "re-balance" their approach and this is reflected in a speech to our recent Funding Conference by Jane Hutt AM where she restated the Welsh Government's commitment to the use of grant aid ("Grants is the Welsh way").
The Minor Grant Aid scheme supports clubs and individuals and funding up to pounds 250 is available.
New" JICA will take over the soft loans formerly dispensed by JBIC and the grant aid dispersed by Japan's foreign ministry.
Finance from one of Britain's leading private equity investors and grant aid from the Welsh Assembly Government has supported a pounds 1.
Current distributions, however, are included as parental income, regardless of income tax treatment, and reduce grant aid by an equal amount.
A spokesperson for Failte Ireland said yesterday: "We are investigating the project to establish whether the facility, which was 40 per cent funded through grant aid, is operating in accordance with the terms of the financial support made available.