Grantor-Grantee Index

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Grantor-Grantee Index

A master reference book, ordinarily kept in the office of official records of a particular county, which lists all recorded deeds as evidence of ownership of real property.

This index contains the volume and page number where an instrument can be found in the record books. The grantor-grantee index is frequently used to conduct a title search on property. By consulting the index, an individual can trace the conveyance history of the property and determine whether or not it is encumbered.

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grantor-grantee index

n. a set of books and/or computerized lists found in the office of every County Recorder or Recorder of Deeds which lists all recorded transfers of title by deed (as well as liens, mortgages, deeds of trust and other documents affecting title). Each yearly index is usually alphabetized by the last names of grantors (the party transferring title) and grantee (the recipients of title). The listing includes the date of transfer, and cross-references to the book and page or document number where a copy of the document (often on microfilm) was recorded and can be examined. This is a key instrument in tracking a chain of title.

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1899) (in jurisdictions where a tract index is maintained, a title searcher has a duty to examine deeds that could be found only by a search backward in states using the grantor-grantee index system).

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