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CELL. A small room in a prison. See Dungeon.

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Importantly, reduced expression of calbindin within the hippocampal granule cells has reportedly been found in the postmortem brain of individuals suffering from TLE [75].
Intriguingly, although in the in vivo recordings granule cells displayed an impairment of their input excitation, their output in the form of action potential firing was not compromised in the absence of NL1 (Figure 3(a)) [42].
Spencer, "Prolonged GABA responses in dentate granule cells in slices isolated from patients with temporal lobe sclerosis," Journal of Neurophysiology, vol.
In vivo and in vitro it was demonstrated that only a 2-5% fraction of granule cells in the hippocampal dentate gyrus neurons are spontaneously active and a monoquantal release was described [42-44].
Granule cells, unipolar brush cells and cells of the (excitatory) cerebellar nuclei, all of which are excitatory neurons, are generated at the upper rhombic lip located at the dorsal edge of the cerebellar primordium.
Although in this study the mechanisms underlying the reductions in the number of cerebellar granule cells and decrease in the size of perikaryon of purkinje cells were not investigated, however, it is known that glucocorticoids easily cross the blood-brain barrier and acts on CNS.
There, the granule cells inhibit the neurons that receive sensory inputs.
(2012) Decreased tonic inhibition in cerebellar granule cells causes motor dysfunction in a mouse model of Angelman syndrome.
Nicotera, "Colchicine induces apoptosis in cerebellar granule cells," Experimental Cell Research, vol.
A previous study has shown that in an adult mouse cerebellum, the [alpha]1 Na/K pump subunit is expressed in granule cells and glomeruli, [alpha]2 subunits are expressed in astrocytes, and [alpha]3 subunits are expressed in Purkinje cells, basket cell processes, and mossy fiber glomeruli [7].
Heterotopic cerebellar granule cells inside the plexiform layer.
Immunohistochemical markers were used to identify the new cells which included excitatory granule cells, astrocytes, and a very small number of the interneurons.