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EXTRACT. A part of a writing. In general this is not evidence, because the whole of the writing may explain the part extracted, so as to give it a different sense; but sometimes extracts from public books are evidence, as the extracts from the registers of births, marriages and burials, kept according to law, when the whole of the matter has been extracted which relates to the cause or matter in issue.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Direct and transdentinal biostimulatory effects of grape seed extract rich in proanthocyanidin on pulp cells.
If successful in human trials, the compounds could be taken in low doses using currently available supplements for grape seed extract and resveratrol, which are also found in wine.
Vineyard Hill has noted that it has used grape seed oil and organic grape seed extract in its formulations since discovering that grape seed polyphenols are one of the world's most powerful antioxidants.
The grape seed extract was supplied by Bionorica (Germany) with a total content of phenolics equalling 500 mg/g of extract [15].
Since the majority of studies using grape seed extract have been done in animals, more clinical intervention trials are needed to determine the impact of grape seed extract on human health.
So don't be surprised if someday soon you see a toothpaste or mouthwash containing red wine or grape seed extract. It's not a gimmick.
Effect of grape seed extract on growth performance protein and polyphenol digestibilities and antioxidant activity in chicken.
This is for the first time researchers have found the effectiveness of chemotherapy with grape seed extract and how it helps killing colon cancer cells.
A Some research suggests that grape seed extract may reduce blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, help with poor circulation in the veins, and have beneficial effects on diabetic retinopathy (an eye disorder).
The grape seed extract (GSE) was concentrated by a rotary evaporator (Heildolph, Germany) at about 45[degrees]C and then dried under very low pressure.
Supplements containing grape seed extracts have long been available in the market and functional foods have been introduced in recent years.