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This is especially evident in the development of more sophisticated calculators, such as graphics calculators and CAS calculators, both of which are best regarded as custom-designed technologies for mathematics education, not for professional scientists and engineers.
Graphics calculators are in effect a mini maths computer.
Such issues were of considerable concern when graphics calculators were introduced to Maths 102, and Kiernan, Oates and Thomas [14] provide several examples in their report where it was found that the use of graphics calculators trivialised the question by providing direct solutions.
In other words, girls' flight from Mathematical Methods may be partially explained by their growing awareness that girls do not perform as well with the CAS calculator as with the graphics calculator.
The effect of using graphics calculators on student's attitudes towards mathematics and students' achievement in introductory calculus.
For the past year and a half, we have been teaching it using the TI-83 graphics calculator.
In short, the modern graphics calculator is purpose-designed for classrooms.
As discussed above, the graphics calculator has been used for high stakes examinations in Victoria since 1997 and by 2010 it will be replaced by the more sophisticated CAS calculator.
In each topic the author has used a variety of methods to engage the student using paper, pencil, scissors and/or the graphics calculator.
This paper is concerned with exploring the possible ways in which one kind of technology, the graphics calculator, might be productively used by calculus students and their teachers.
Although it might seem that a graphics calculator can be used to draw a graph of the curve from equation (2), there is a problem in that such graphs have a break over the interval -1 < x < 1.

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