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The process of inserting additional words in a complete document or instrument in such manner as to alter its intended meaning; the addition of words to a complete document or instrument.

Interpolation is synonymous with interlineation.

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The Wildcat VPUs are the industry's first graphics processors that are programmable from high-order surfaces through to anti-aliased framebuffer pixels with highly efficient SIMD scalar processor arrays replacing hardwired logic and inflexible register-combiners at critical sections in a highly optimized graphics pipeline.
With the ability to scale from four to 32 CPUs and drive up to eight full graphics pipelines and eight simultaneous graphics users, the SGI Onyx 3400 is designed to meet the most demanding and changing needs of customers such as the U.
ROUND ROCK, Texas -- In the second set of bullets below under the subhead "Dell Precision M65 - True Mobility for Mobile Workstations," the bullet "128-bit graphics pipeline and 128-bit graphics memory interface" was incorrectly included and has been removed.
Oxygen VX1's highly optimized graphics pipeline can also accept and process up to 11 million polygons per second.
With a 10-bit per RGB component graphics pipeline, instead of the standard 8-bit, the FireGL's color palette increases to over a billion colors.
0 has been designed to run both in software implementations as small as 50Kbytes, and also to enable hardware graphics pipeline acceleration on both fixed point and floating point systems.
Number Nine's graphics card uses a dual graphics pipeline and dedicated digital path from the graphics card to the display, delivering superior image quality and consistency for smooth video-conferencing, full-screen MPEG video, professional applications or game development.
The Wildcat VP500 VPU includes the first deployment of 3Dlabs' patent-pending Slipstream(TM) graphics technology that significantly boosts the rendering efficiency of a standard graphics pipeline through advanced visibility culling and spatial cache optimizations.
Current 3Dlabs products support the AMD Athlon MP processor with optimized drivers to accelerate the 3D graphics pipeline between the processor and the Wildcat graphics card.

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