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However, the WFI officials maintained that it was an excuse from Belarus as having a training stint with the Indian team would have exposed their own top grapplers and thus minimised their chances at the Games.
Garbage truck operators for numerous applications have used the long Grapplers.
Algonquin already has six grapplers who have reached the 20-win threshold this season.
Every grappler in the game is brilliantly rendered and the action gives the feel of watching the stars of TNA going at it in the six-sided ring.
Other appearances have included WWF star the Godfather on "The Strip" and grapplers the Big Show and Chyna on "Shasta.
com, the comprehensive and inclusive online community for mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters, fans and organizations, announced today a landmark partnership with Grapplers Quest.
Filipino grapplers from the Wrestling Association of the Philippines captured the overall title in the Olympic Day Celebration held Saturday at Philsports Arena in Pasig City.
The wrestling drama, which is based on the true story of an Indian coach who trained his two daughters to become champion grapplers, was screened in China on May 5 and earned 300 crore (Indian rupee) in nine days, becoming the first Indian film to achieve this milestone.
The day was disappointing for the Indians as the other female grapplers also failed to make the cut for the upcoming Rio Olympics.
Iran failed to get even a single gold medal last week in the annual World Wrestling Championships, but it still scored high in points because so many of its grapplers did well.
He has only been successful against really low par grapplers on the feet.
Throughout the competition there will be a number of super fights for competitors and spectators to watch as some of the country's leading grapplers pit their wits against each other.