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Conflict between grasper and dissector for a right handed surgeon was hard to solve.
Chapters 27-37 of its Uttaratantra section deal with the Navagrahas, or the "Nine Graspers.
The spools are mechanically retained on the grasper until released by the operator after loading on the spindle of the tension let-off.
Furthermore, the availability of visual information about the object and grasper differed between the two tasks in Expt 1.
A-Endoscopic monitoring of tract dilation and sheath advancement is performed to prevent underdilation into renal parenchyma or overdilation leading to collecting system perforation; B-For stone fragmentation, the ultrasonic is used through the rigid nephroscope; C-Stone fragments are actively retrieved with a permanent 3-prong grasper or disposable basket and the stent is removed from above.
Dissection of the gallbladder was performed using a combination of electro cautery and blunt dissection with fine graspers, and the cystic artery and cystic duct were ligated with titanium clips.
I then coagulate the IP ligament with the fenestrated bipolar grasper (setting: 35 watts).
Mechanical abrasion of the parietal pleura was carried out using dry gauze or sterilized electrocautery tip cleaner mounted on a grasper (Fig.
In a four-handed procedure, one hand is on the camera, one on the uterine manipulator, and the remaining two hands operate the articulating grasper, vessel sealer, or needle driver, depending on the task.
Three trocars introduced through the SILS port one for cam-era, second for articulating grasper to hold the neck of gall bladder and third for dissection.
Peel of the Geological Survey of Greenland and Simon Conway Morris of the University of Cambridge in England, the ancient creature bears the unofficial name Grasper, for a pair of appendages sticking out in front.
Of course, nothing is 100% fail-safe, but the grasper is designed to retain its grip in event of power or air pressure failure.