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tato bhagavati skande surasenapatau krte/ upatasthur grahah sarve diptasaktidharam guham// ucuh prancalayas cainam vrttim nah samvidhatsva vai/ tesam arthe tatah skandah sivam devam acodayat// Thus, when the blessed Skanda was made the general of the army of the gods, all the Graspers approached Guha, who holds a shimmering spear.
The spools are mechanically retained on the grasper until released by the operator after loading on the spindle of the tension let-off.
Grasper and the other creatures found at the Greenland site provide a glimpse of life roughly 540 million years ago, soon after the "Cambrian explosion," an evolutionary burst that created the major existing divisions of animal life.
The lifting pressure is set to offset most but not all of the weight of the grasper and full spool.
I then coagulate the IP ligament with the fenestrated bipolar grasper (setting: 35 watts).
He deployed the MicroCutter XCHANGE 30 through the umbilicus, which leaves no scarring, and just two 3mm incisions from the grasper and camera tools, imperceptible to the human eye.
Again, the laparoscope and grasper must be inserted, positioned, and frozen in place before the active instrument is introduced.
Bir calisma portundan fleksibil grasper (Roticulator Endo Grasp [TM] 5 mm, Autosuture, Covidien, Norwalk, CT, ABD) girildi.
Tract dilation and nephroscopy ensued, and a combination of ultrasonic lithotripsy, grasper extraction and basket extraction was used to clear the large stone burden.
I prefer to use three instruments during the procedure: the fenestrated bipolar grasper, the monopolar scissors, and the mega suture-cut needle driver.
LAPAROSCOPIC SECTION,5MM 0, Standard grasper/dissector,5MM 0, Mixter grasper/dissector right angle,5MM 0, Scissors with knot pusher,5MM 0, Mixter grasper/dissector 45 angle,5MM 0, Babcock grasper,5MM 0, Allis grasper, medium version,5MM 0, Debakey grasper, 40 MM jaw length