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As did Oscar, after a fourinch grass blade was pulled out the back of his nose.
When To Replace: If you notice you have uneven cutting or torn grass blades, it is time to replace your mower blade.
In contrast, grass-cutting species do not do exhibit this pivot movement and the grass blades are cut linearly and transversally along their length (Lopes et al.
Not only is Browning 's A5 shown wrapped head-to-toe in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades, it jammed with a list of features that help you knock more birds out of the sky than the original.
Pound never relaxed in his devotion to poetic compression, and The Pisan Cantos is everywhere distinguished by an unrelenting density of language; it's hard not to hear the majority of the eleven syllables in this line as stressed syllables: "the dwarf morning-glory twines roundthe grass blade.
The grass blade stoops under the weight of a gathering dewdrop, the ocean mumbles in its morning dream, the child blinks bemused at exploding horizons.
The width of the grass blade determines the recuperative potential of turfgrass.
Along with the grass blade for making hay, I purchased a bush blade to tackle the brush and saplings.
There is a direct relationship between the grass blade length and the root depth.
among celadon bars comes a quiet moment of a bright grass blade not even four inches long.
As the air cools, the ant clamps down on the tip of a grass blade and waits to be eaten by a cow or other grazer.
Now take a look at the dewdrops on the grass blade in the small photo at left.