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Therefore, the magnitude of gravitational pull acting on steel plate remains the same, 2.
RSA's SME director David Swigciski - 'SMEs in Britain are stuck in the gravitational pull of the EU.
It is as if federal law exerts a kind of gravitational pull on states.
When the gravitational pull of the sun and moon combine, we see larger-than-average tides - known as spring tides.
A full moon has stronger gravitational pull during a lunar eclipse than when it is in its ordinary position," Mendoza said.
Astronomers considered their presence at Uranus unlikely because the gravitational pull of larger neighbouring planets would destabilize and expel any Uranian Trojans over the age of the Solar System.
The gravitational pull of the sun, moon, and ocean tides, scientists say, affect the Earth's movement resulting to this discrepancy.
It is also likely to cause higher tides because of increased gravitational pull.
The event horizon of a black hole is the point at which any celestial body can no longer defy the former's strong gravitational pull, says Cadiz Asset Management in their 2012 preview.
This, in turn, leads to small differences in gravitational pull, which means that the idealised sea level is lower than expected in some places (seen on the map as blue areas) and higher than expected in others (the red and yellow areas).
The show will feature a range of specially conceived and crafted instruments, among them a bespoke digitally-controlled pipe organ and a 30 foot pendulum that harnesses the earth's gravitational pull to create musical patterns.
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