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Mediastinal gray zone lymphoma: the missing link between classic Hodgkin's lymphoma and media stinal large B-cell lymphoma.
This notion of the gray zone, taken from Primo Levi's (1988) writing on the insidious and confusing relations of power within Nazi concentration camps, is meant to call our attention to the complexity and ambiguity that characterized the lootings.
PRL concentrations were 644-18 000 mN/L, with PEG-precipitated PRL representing the entire range, particularly the gray zone.
While you insist that many business practices "fall into the gray zone," I would argue that's not what is at issue here.
The upper rail currently sits just north of 16 while the lower rail is creeping higher towards the gray zone near 14.
For each post-MI intervention--such as reperfusion, smoking cessation counseling, and preventive medications--patients were categorized as "ideal" (clear candidates for the intervention), "eligible" (a gray zone where the intervention was possibly indicated), and "ineligible" (there was an absolute contraindication to the intervention).
When this happens, it creates a kind of gray zone, a state of flux that fascinates me.
They calculate that the free-PSA measurement could eliminate the need for a biopsy in up to 40 percent of men who fall into the gray zone.
This large gray zone will come into increasing focus with the introduction of more lifestyle' drugs.
Churches and shopping lots therefore found themselves in a gray zone - unable to post ``no trespassing'' signs as other private property owners can, but also unable to prohibit skateboarding.