great fear

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Which country was swept by The Great Fear of 1789? 9.
The Irish Fright and anti-Catholic violence certainly help dispel the idea of a quiet revolution; but they also echo the pre-modern xenophobia of Evil May Day of 1517, as much as they bear "a striking resemblance to the French Great Fear of 1789" (247).
(22.) See Furet, Interpreting the French Revolution, 54-55; see also Georges Lefebvre, The Great Fear of 1789: Rural Panic in Revolutionary France (New York: Schocken Books, 1973), 59-67.
(58) See Lefebvre, The Great Fear of 1789; and Emile Chaudron, La Grande peur en Champagne meridionale (Paris 1923).
Clay Ramsay presents us with the first book-length study of the Great Fear of 1789 since the publication of Georges Lefebvre's La Grande Peur in 1932.
The author identifies two distinct periods: the Great Fear of 1789, and that of 1790 to 1793.