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VESSEL, mar. law. A ship, brig, sloop or other craft used in navigation. 1 Boul. Paty, tit. 1, p. 100. See sup.
     2. By an act of congress, approved July 29, 1850, it is provided that any person, not being an owner, who shall on the high seas, willfully, with. intent to burn or destroy, set fire to any ship or other vessel, or otherwise attempt the destruction of such ship or other vessel, being the property of any citizen or citizens of the United States, or procure the same to be done, with the intent aforesaid, and being thereof lawfully convicted, shall suffer imprisonment to hard labor, for a term not exceeding ten years, nor less than three years, according to the aggravation of the offence.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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So, we did abdominal ultrasonography that suspected the retroperitoneum pregnancy, and furthermore MRI examination clarified the gestational sac with the embryo and showed its tights with the great vessels.
Sharp foreign bodies occasionally causes perforation of oesophageal wall, great vessels at base of heart, causing severe haemorrhage and can establish fistula with trachea, bronchi, pulmonary parenchyma and skin (Fossum, 2012).
The seventh section covers the Heart and Thorax and it comprises two chapters: first, the thorax and the lungs; and second, the heart and great vessels. The eighth section is dedicated to Head and Neck Surgery and it discusses the particularities of clinical examination in ENT, oral and maxillofacial, neck and thyroid.
Table 1 Weight CVS Malformations Total Present Absent <2.5kg 16 55.17% 13 44.83% 29 >2.5kg 02 18.18% 09 81.82% 11 Table 2 CARDIAC AND GREAT VESSELS NO.
It may invade the trachea, pericardium, heart, and great vessels. Generally, it may not appear on chest x-ray, contrast-enhanced CT is useful in delineating the mass and in defining its vascularity and extent of invasion.
(5) An arterial switch procedure, developed by Jatene in 1975, offered a more definitive method of correction by transection and translocation of the great vessels, translocation of the coronary arteries, and establishment of "normal" ventriculoarterial connections.
Also heart and especially liver transplantation surgeries may be challenging as placing a mirror image liver into an organ cavity is geometrical problematic and steps have to be taken to ensure proper anastomosis of the great vessels in the case of a heart transplant.
Imperator was bought by the Cunard Line in 1919, and became the firm's flagship, joining other great vessels of the age - the Tyne-built Mauretania and Aquitania - on the transAtlantic crossing from Southampton to New York.
Congenital heart disease is a defect in the structure of the heart and great vessels that is present at birth.
In our report, we describe the case of a great vessels arteritis in a patient with RA in therapy with etanercept.
They detail surgical approaches to the heart, the normal surgical anatomy of the cardiac chambers, the valves and systems for circulation and conduction within the heart, congenitally malformed hearts, lesions, abnormalities of the great vessels, and positional abnormalities of the heart.
Round pumpkins or squash with flat bottoms, such as kabocha or Italian stripe, make great vessels for plants.

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