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GREE, obsolete. It signified satisfaction; as, to make gree to the parties, is, to agree with, or satisfy them for, an offence done.

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CEO of Genetco, Dr Muthanna al Durrah, made an excellent presentation highlighting the global strength and achievements of Gree worldwide and in Oman.
These products are available in wide range of colors, sizes and designs', reflecting the aesthetic of the Gree brand.
technologies and solutions from GREE, that have a positive impact in
The vast network of Gree dealers was invited from across the nation to give them a briefing and introducing them to the new categories of high quality products.
As a leading enterprise in Chinas air-conditioning industry, Gree has been focused on the development of low temperature heating technology in the HVAC industry.
Other distinguish features of GREE VRF system are; All DC inverter technology, DC fan-linkage control, precise control of capacity output, balancing control of refrigerant, original oil balancing technology with high pressure chamber, high-efficiency output control, low-temperature operation control technology, super heating technology, high adaptability for project and environmental refrigerant.
GREE takes gaming to the next level by inviting the entire world to come play.
According to Gree, the GCC accounts for over 50 per cent of the total air conditioner units sold in Mena region, with UAE and Saudi Arabia being the biggest markets.
The Information about the robust business performance of the GREE brand will also be provided to the consumers through this digital campaign.
Managing director of NIA Limited, UAE, Zakir Ahmed, said: "The advent of 'solar VRF' air-conditioners with zero electric charge by Gree would be music to people at the forefront of sustainable development.
Gree reported that its unit, Zhuhai Gree Finance Co Ltd, was in preliminary talks with Zhuhai Hengqin Village Bank to discuss a possible deal.
s iOS operating systems as well as social networking platforms including Facebook, according to Gree.