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Doerries: Yes, the big revelation for me, which is the central argument of my memoir, is that audiences who have lived lives of mythological proportions, who have faced the stakes of life and death, who have loved and lost, and who know the meaning of sacrifice, know more than I ever will about the ancient Greek tragedies we perform.
We are able to find some clues from these examples that Yang had been convinced about and filled with admiration for ancient Greek tragedies and Shakespeare's works as the essence of Western drama.
At the time of publication, Arkins was able to identify thirty-one discrete translations, versions, or adaptations of Greek tragedies by Irish playwrights, twenty-six of which have been composed since 1975.
Many of the Arguments prefixed to Greek tragedies and comedies in manuscript are ascribed to Aristophanes, and he revised and continued the Pinakes of Callimachus, a biographical history of Greek literature.
In an interview with theater scholar Howard Stein, Michael Kahn, the director of the premiere production of Funnyhouse of a Negro, as well as Kennedy's adaptations of the Greek tragedies Electra and Orestes, demonstrates an organic understanding of Kennedy's texts.
Arkins provides a succinct analysis of the tragedies and comedies by Greek and Roman dramatists, not just the famous Greek tragedies of the fifth century BCE, but also Seneca's tragedies of the first century CE.
of Ireland, Galway) offers this fascinating analysis of Irish manifestations of Athenian Greek tragedies from the works of Yeats to the writers of today.
In the next five chapters, Walton discusses the choices of translators with regard to specific Greek tragedies. In almost all cases, he analyzes these choices by discoursing upon the difficulties of the original texts.
Seekers of role models or life lessons or Greek tragedies should look elsewhere.