Green Card

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Green Card

The popular name for the Alien Registration Receipt Card issued to all immigrants entering the United States on a non-temporary visa who have registered with and been fingerprinted by the Immigration and Naturalization Service. The name green card comes from the distinctive coloration of the card.



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Who would have thought, that a person who was already granted a green card because the evidence was sufficient at that time, that USCIS would take a "second look" and determine the previous evidence is now insufficient, and the person (even if now a petitioner) obtained a green card unlawfully, his green card could be revoked and be placed in removal/deportation?
The Green Card international insurance system is an agreement on the mutual recognition of certificates of insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners among its participants.
Every year the US issues nearly 1.1 million green cards, which gives foreign nationals life-time permission to live and work in the US and a path to citizenship in five years.
One study finds that an employment-based green card leads to an annual wage gain of $11,860 over a temporary work visa.
Each country that will be visited must be specified on the green card - eg if you are driving to Germany the green card must specify each country you will be driving through - you will not be able to drive in any country that is not noted on the green card.
"Insurers already issue green cards for drivers taking their cars beyond European borders and some ask for one for the additional comfort they provide in proving, if needed, that their car is insured.
Since July 2012, the LTC has issued 80,525 student green cards until now, in which 43,286 cards were issued to male students and 37,239 to female students, while this year 4,227 cards have been issued to the public sector educational institutes.
And while the lives of most green card holders seeking citizenship are not interrupted while waiting in line, the backlog has forced some to put their lives on hold.
figure By WINNIE ATIENO Soon after President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered the National Land Commission (NLC) to revoke the Kibarani dumpsite land title and hand it over to the Mombasa County government, the green cards of the contentious plots disappeared mysteriously from the Ministry of Lands.
Now in an updated 13th edition, How to Get a Green Card a user-friendly, step-by-step guide to determining whether one is eligible for permanent residence in the United States, and successfully applying for a "green card" document that grants that permission.
'I am going to be forced out of my home - the United States - because I aged out of a broken immigration while my mom has been waiting for years in the employment based green card system to actually receive the green card she has been approved for given her service as a physician in an underserved area in Iowa,' wrote Ponnada in a Facebook post last Sunday.
This man paid Smith $3,750, though he never received a green card, immigration documents or nursing home employment.