Green Card

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Green Card

The popular name for the Alien Registration Receipt Card issued to all immigrants entering the United States on a non-temporary visa who have registered with and been fingerprinted by the Immigration and Naturalization Service. The name green card comes from the distinctive coloration of the card.



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Buca's family fragmentation is common: Permanent resident green cards, even for parents of American citizens such as Darby and Daisy, are scarce (just over 700,000 were handed out in fiscal year 2003), and H-2A agricultural visas are for individual farm workers, not their families.
The British Soft Drinks Association and Deeside College in North Wales have also both recently pledged their support to the Green Card programme.
8 million of those green card holders being eligible to naturalize, the Office of Immigration Statistics at the Department of Homeland Security (http://www.
Entrepreneurs in Dubai are in the best position to benefit from a US Green Card, and we are pleased to assist.
When I received my green card in the early 1960s, I was given the advice: Remember, you're on probation.
Babiera, a 58-year-old employee of a recruitment agency, earned the right to come to the United States when his sister Elizabeth filed a green card application on his behalf in 2003.
To make the brim, again draw around the end of the cylinder on the remaining green card.
com)-- The Green Card Lottery has now been accepting applications for the Diversity Visa 2014 program for three weeks.
Summary: BEIRUT: A green card might be the solution for children and husbands of Lebanese women married to foreigners, according to a draft law presented by Kesrouan lawmaker Neamtallah Abi Nasr.
The teatime treat is part of the Good to be Green behaviour management scheme, which sees children awarded a green card for good behaviour, a yellow card for a behaviour warning and a red one for consequences.
IRISH youngsters have been scammed out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by a New York woman who promises she can get them a coveted US green card.