Green Card

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Green Card

The popular name for the Alien Registration Receipt Card issued to all immigrants entering the United States on a non-temporary visa who have registered with and been fingerprinted by the Immigration and Naturalization Service. The name green card comes from the distinctive coloration of the card.



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As a former green card holder, I find the reluctance to embrace naturalization discouraging.
The State Department selects winners of the Green Card Lottery with a weighted, but random computer to ensure fairness.
Green Card breaks new ground in the field of ID cards and make a major contribution to the integrity of the U.
This Pre-registration service will give customers enough time to complete their Green Card application on time, in a sufficient manner and according to strict program guidelines, which are set forth by the United States government.
8 million new jobs by issuing 100,000 green cards to graduates of U.
Most countries are on the State Department's list for eligible countries to claim for the Green Card Lottery.
the chance to play at Emirates Stadium, on National Finals Day in the Green Card Tournament.
The original bill was drafted to provide a green card to undocumented students who fulfilled a number of requirements within a six-year period.
Green Card may well be entirely based upon this hackneyed plot structure, but Andie McDowell and Gerard Depardieu certainly have a lot of fun in bringing it to its logical conclusion.
Individuals considering the acquisition of a green card (and the companies that sponsor them) should consider whether other options (such as extending a work visa) are more appropriate under the circumstances.
Getting a Green Card Through Family Members in the U.
Department of State's annual Green Card Diversity Visa Program selects 100,000 application winners and then provides up to 55,000 Green Cards or Permanent Residency Visas to new immigrants from all over the world, including the Gulf region, for the once in a lifetime opportunity to start a new life in the United States.