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While Green Science notes that this new production technology should be able to use all types of plant materials, they are particularly optimistic regarding its usage of bamboo.
Award-winning science author for young adults Robert Gardner presents Recycle: Green Science Projects for a Sustainable Planet, a compendium of educational science projects and ideas structured around ways ordinary people can help the planet.
This year's CIC chair's event showcased the Canadian Green Science and Technology Network.
If you're green-fingered then don't miss Botanika, The Green Science Centre (adults EUR9, kids EUR6).
His section on "green science" deals more with trends in ecological theory, correcting the all too pervasive notion that there is a fixed "balance" in nature.
Senator Maggie Hassan participated in a briefing hosted by the Green Science Policy Institute, where she highlighted the importance of protecting drinking water from contaminants such as PFAS in New Hampshire and across the country and the critical role that clean drinking water plays in helping people lead healthy, productive lives.
Advances in Green Science, Engineering and Built Environment; select papers
Kids Fashion Jungle now offers over 200 different new products including recycle and solar science projects by Green Science, action play toys like light sabers, jungle light headbands, floor puzzles, art supplies, sound puzzles and dolls for kids of all ages 1 to 101.
Green science could be the death of us all, therefore before we use our taxes to subsidise more firms installing cavity wall insulation we should investigate how much damage has already been done.
Visiting Scholar, Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USA, and Executive Director, Green Science Policy Institute, Berkeley, CA, USA