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With our green PC concept we want to offer a genuine green alternative to the buying patterns of private customers, whose collective environmental awareness is slowly on the rise.
Austin Computer System's Green PC 486SX/33 Configuration: 486SX-33 processor, 4MB of RAM; 250MB hard drive; 14-inch monitor.
The major features of Honch International's green PC cases include:
Contract awarded for Maintenance center in Green PC of Love 2016 operations
Re-affirming Lenovo's commitment to developing green PC products, the ThinkCentre M90 and M90p include a high amount of recycled content compared to other desktops in their class, with up to 42 percent post-consumer recycled content.
As the recession ebbs and the economy strengthens, the burgeoning global green PC and server hardware market will be spurred by a number of key trends, which include growing electrical demand; constraints on corporate data space, power requirements and costs; and a lower cost of ownership for green computing products that can help cost-constrained corporations keep more green in their wallets over the long term.