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With our green PC concept we want to offer a genuine green alternative to the buying patterns of private customers, whose collective environmental awareness is slowly on the rise.
Austin Computer System's Green PC 486SX/33 Configuration: 486SX-33 processor, 4MB of RAM; 250MB hard drive; 14-inch monitor.
PS8511 and PS8515 Series Ideal for Mobile and Green PC eSATA Applications Enabling over 60% Power Savings when Compared to Similar Devices
The Modu82+ and Pro82+ series PSU's help companies of all sizes and types take part of this Green PC trend, and cutting their utility cost and have less of an effect on the environment.
New Green PC Services Help Individuals and Small Businesses Save Energy and Money.
Tangent backs the green PC with a one-year parts and labor warranty and optional one year on-site service.
Several years ago we implemented a CTL computer recycling program to help prevent filling of landfills with hazardous materials, and our new CTL green PC is a move to further our efforts to limit use of resources.