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The major "pollutant" was CO2, which in the presence of sunlight and water allows green plants to photosynthesise.
The objectives of this work were to develop a method for efficiently initiating microspore embryogenesis by a chemical inducer formulation, and for producing large quantities of microspore-derived green plants from a wide spectrum of genotypes under optimal culture conditions.
Be sure to include insects, small plant-eating animals (herbivores), larger meat-and plant-eating animals (omnivores), large meat-eating animals (carnivores), green plants used as food (producers), and funguses (decomposers).
Led by Polish-born physicist Malgorzata Sowinska, the GOA project began by exploring the natural florescence inherent in green plants. When exposed to light, green plants emit light in different wavelengths across the visible spectrum.
Recent advances in genetics have expanded the list to five: red algae, green plants, animals, fungi, and stamenopiles (which look like plants but don't do photosynthesis).
That's why green plants require adjustments in spacing.
The balcony edges are lined with green plants that will eventually form a cascade down the interface between library and cultural centre (and provide a degree of acoustic absorption that will surely be welcome when music is played in the glass drum).
As an indication, the frequencies of maintenance and the volumetries to be maintained are the following: - Lawn care: 10 tontes per year; 200 m, - Maintenance of the massifs: 4 times a year; 25 massifs for 900 linear meters, - Cutting edges: 4 times a year; 2 730 linear meters, - Maintenance of green plants of natural interiors: 24 times a year; 45 planters, - Maintenance of green plants of artificial interiors: 12 times a year; 8 planters and 2 patios, - Cleaning of traffic lanes: 4 times a year; 200 m, Mise en service et vrification du systme d~arrosage: 1 fois par an; 9 programmateurs, Astreinte dneigement; La priode d~astreinte dbute le 28/11 et se termine le 11/03 minuit et est valable 7j/7j, 24h/24h.
1 : any of a large group of green plants with jointed stems, long slender leaves, and stalks of clustered flowers
Although gas-absorption rates varied greatly from one patch of watermelon snow to another, some snowfields with particularly high concentrations of the microbe consumed carbon dioxide about 10 percent as voraciously as green plants do.
The smell of the rich earth and the small sounds of green plants pushing their way toward the sun spread a sense of deep contentment through me.
One successful approach to barley transformation has been simply to utilize particular genotypes that are amenable to the requirements of transformation, such as Golden Promise (Wan and Lemaux, 1994) or Igri (Jahne et al., 1994), Another approach has been to modify the protocols used for culturing barley tissues; for instance, optimizing copper concentrations and autoclaving procedures have each been shown to increase the recovery of green plants by a factor of two (Dahleen, 1995; Bregitzer et al., 1998a).