Green wax

GREEN WAX, Eng. law. The name of the @estreats of fines, issues, and amerce @ments in the exchequer, delivered to the sheriff under the seal of that court, which is made with green wax.

References in classic literature ?
The one was a little billet, genteelly folded, with a pretty seal in green wax on which was impressed a dove bearing a green branch.
73, by letters given to Gergeole, we instituted you keeper of the Wood of Vincennes, in the place of Gilbert Acle, equerry; in '75, gruyer* of the forest of Rouvray-lez- Saint-Cloud, in the place of Jacques le Maire; in '78, we graciously settled on you, by letters patent sealed doubly with green wax, an income of ten livres parisis, for you and your wife, on the Place of the Merchants, situated at the School Saint-Germain; in '79, we made you gruyer of the forest of Senart, in place of that poor Jehan Daiz; then captain of the Château of Loches; then governor of Saint- Quentin; then captain of the bridge of Meulan, of which you cause yourself to be called comte.
45pm and may have seen a man described as aged 40-50, white, with short brown hair, a pale complexion and wearing a green wax jacket, dark grey/ black trousers and grey trainers, is asked to get in touch with police.
The original International was a one-piece suit in a dark green wax cotton, developed specifically for the 1936 International Six Day Trials event.
Suspect: white female, long ginger hair, early 20s, wearing riding trousers, green wax cotton jacket.
He described him as sturdy, clean-cut, wearing a green wax jacket and he said he paid the cover charge for Annie on the way into the pub.
He was last seen wearing a brown jumper and a green wax type jacket.
It may take Newton ten weeks before the clay figure is ready for the foundry and once the studio work is done representatives of Haydock and Betfair will have a chance to examine the piece before it is cast in malleable green wax.
A number of witnesses who lived in the area also took the witness stand yesterday and described seeing a man in a green wax jacket who was carrying a rucksack in the area on the evening Ms Skipper was murdered.
The new "green" wax used at Wachusett is produced by Green Wax of Boston and will be used in 100 percent of tuning in rentals, demo skis and snowboard, and everyday waxing in the Mountainside service center.
A cut-tile mosaic panel hanging above the Koran dating back to 15th century Iran was found in storage, and the mosque candlestick also was stored, covered in green wax and misdated to the 18th century.
There are also eco-bananas, with one end dipped in red, blue or green wax, and, of course, the plantain - an astringent banana that needs to be cooked before eating, which is used in South American, African and Caribbean recipes.