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Second, we offer an explanation for why the Greenbacks came into being that may be regarded as an alternative or a supplement to that given by Hammond (1961, 1970).
I was thrilled that the greenbacks were back where they belonged.
Although greenbacks initially sold for gold at a discount, reaching an average monthly low of 50 cents in April 1864, they appreciated strongly over the next few years and accounted for more than 75 percent of the total U.
But once greenbacks become generally accepted, as they had back East, no individual has an incentive to change.
Printed with inexpensive green ink on one side, these greenbacks could not be copied with the cameras of the time.
But the closest the Greenbacks came to scoring was a late Blenkinsopp penalty, saved by the Carlton keeper.
But the Greenbacks were unlucky not to salvage a draw late on, winger Richard Westley being denied by the woodwork in the closing stages.
Farmer explained that Tullin has decided to part company with the Greenbacks due to family and work commitments.