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(108) Greenmail generally refers to a target corporation buying back a potential acquirer's shares at a premium in exchange for the potential acquirer agreeing not to own any target shares for a period of time.
Greenmail "refers to payments made by the target company to buy back shares owned by a potential acquirer at a premium over their fair market value.
Gaughan in his 1996 book Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructurings presents two opposing views of the hostile takeover: the "management entrenchment hypothesis" and the "stockholder interests' hypothesis." According to Gaughan, when managers of a corporation seek to maintain their position by actions such as greenmail or the institution of other active and preventative corporate defenses, stockholders experience reduced wealth when management takes actions to deter attempts to take control of the corporation.
(162) In this respect, some hedge funds ape the greenmail tactics of the 1980s; the difference is that greenmail is today difficult to extract from wary directors, or even illegal under state law.
Such statutes explicitly authorized the poison pill, the scorched earth defense, the 'Pac-Man' defense, the white knight defense, the crown jewel defense and the greenmail defense.
I believe they call it greenmail on Wall Street -- that is, the act of buying up enough company stock and cause it enough pain that the controlling interests will just pay to make them go away.
greenmail. "Greenmail" refers to a corporate repurchase, at a
Some types of excise taxes have separate forms, such as the heavy highway vehicle use tax (Form 290), gas guzzler tax (Form 6197), and excise tax on greenmail (Form 8725).
I hope this proposed act of "greenmail" (using the environment as an excuse to extort more money out of citizens) meets the same resistance as the poll tax did.