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As Edmund de Waal outlines in his book The White Road, makers in Europe in the 18th C struggled to build furnaces capable of achieving temperatures high enough to melt kaolinitic clays to a glassy state: this hindered the production of a true porcelain which could match the greenwares and blue-and-white wares being imported from China.
That was our biggest growth year for Greenware, which has been growing every year.
Dry all hand-built and wheel-thrown greenware immediately--both glazed and unglazed--overnight in the kiln, with bottom thermostat set on lowest heat.
Handmade pottery often has little ridges where the coils are joined, while greenware has a more "perfect" look and feel.
Regardless of why it started, I began leaving small pieces of greenware on his grave marker.
She applies underglazes to her greenware forms and after the application of a clear glaze the figures are usually fired to 1100[degrees]C.
His mother ran a commercial ceramics shop, selling unfinished greenware to schools for pottery classes.
Longquan potters began making these porcellaneous celadons in the 12th century, continuing a highly-prized greenware tradition, known as Yue ware, that had been made in the north of Zhejiang for centuries.
The company also offers Pro-Kal, a full line of round deli containers, and Greenware, a new line of 100% compostable corn-based cups.
I work with whiteware as opposed to greenware, which in the end has to be fired.
A paper written by Pyzik and Dow colleague Alexander Pechenik in 1988 explains that the process is based on the concept that the rapid application of sufficiently high pressure to ceramic-metal greenware causes reduction of the powder compact, which generates a temperature spike due to the nearly adiabatic nature of the process.
Additionally, the judges were so impressed with GreenWare, a competing team from Columbia University, that they awarded a $100,000 second place prize to the company.

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