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Together with the conflict in the Ukraine and occurrence of the term of hybrid war one can more and more often notice the concept of war in the grey zone or below the level of war being in use (Konferencja w AON 2015).
As they are experts in the field of communication for development, I know this suggestion by the authors has merit, but I do not think that avoiding the grey zone of less-than-perfect circumstances is beneficial.
In other words, for initial EIA test samples that were considered positive but within the grey zone (S/CO value between 0.
In this narrative that focuses on a disputed area known as the Grey Zone, two stories overlap in ways that obfuscate each other's key issues.
Norway's ministry of foreign affairs announced on Monday (28 June) that the so-called Grey Zone Agreement between Norway and Russia had been extended by one year until 1 July 2005.
California-based Grey Zone Inc has released SecureZone 4.
Grey Zone develops software that creates intimacy between the enterprise, its customers, and its partners through unified Web communications.
The US web communications software developer Grey Zone Inc has launched SecureZone 4.
Words to live by: "Don't be in the grey zone - binarize it.
If we forget about their different forms of responses to the Japanese occupation and look at their inner conscience, the moral universe seemed indeed polarized into loyalty and betrayal leaving almost no place for a grey zone.
For a very long time the only grey zone in the story was the peasants, though this was a rather unfortunate defect since they made up the majority of the population.
The broad grey zone that lies at the heart of this policy (see the Exhibit) is especially important in Europe because there's still no full codification of the fine line between accepted and forbidden practices -- particularly on issues like the abuse of "dominant" position by one or more players or the definition of product and geographic markets.