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Dr Meekan said about half the white shark divers were domestic visitors but the highest percentage of domestic tourists were found in the grey nurse shark-diving industry, at 59 per cent.
Oceanworld shark expert Rob Townsend said the grey nurse sharks, normally one of the most docile species, thought it was time to eat when the lights went out.
David Blyde reached between the jaws of the 10 foot grey nurse shark to dislodge the pole with a hooked end, which had stuck in the animal's digestive tract leaving the long metal handle sticking from its mouth.
Aa Also known as grey nurse sharks, the large bodied sand tiger sharks reach up to 11 feet (3.
Acoustic devices have also been installed on the seabed at New South Wales beaches - popular with British tourists - so that scientists can monitor the movements of great white and grey nurse sharks.
The Sydney dive trip was Dr Earle's first opportunity to see a Grey Nurse shark --there are only around 500 of these sharks left in the world and she had never seen one.
Two non-target grey nurse sharks were caught and both were released alive.
The Melbourne aquarium team hopes to expand their research and aid in plans to preserve threatened animals especially the critically endangered grey nurse shark.
The grey nurse shark was spotted with the gaff in its mouth by divers off the coast of New South Wales, Australia.
The 10ft grey nurse shark got a large fisherman's hook stuck in its throat while hunting off Australia.
The sand tiger sharks form part of the 33,000 expected population of aquatic animals in Dubai Aquarium, they are also known as grey nurse sharks.
AATAMS will also assist existing tracking projects run by others, including CSIRO projects tracking tuna and great white sharks, and a Department of Primary Industries project studying grey nurse sharks.