Grievance complaint filed against employer

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Country: Algeria
State: All States/Provinces

I worked in Abu Dhabi for an American company and got fired after filing a grievance complaint against my employer. The company withheld my passport although it is against the United Arab Emirates law. In fact my ex boss focused on scaring me and forcing me to leave the country. I have informed the headquarters of this company (based in Washington DC) that I am about to take legal action regarding my passport issue. The company said it would pay me compensation if I dropped my charges against them. I like this arrangement as I am willing to be reinstated but do not know how to determine the amount of the compensation. Could give me some ideas on how to fix the amount? Please note that my appeal against my termination is a separate issue. I will be reinstated and will get back pay. However, I still have to indicate how much I want in order to drop the legal action regarding the passport issue.


Normally not a large amount--actual costs etc. plus perhaps two or three thousand dollars we would think--unless severe actual damages occurred to you.
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