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The Lancers (16-11) grinded out possessions and pushed Silverton around.
We also reject business as usual notions since we only assist them in maintaining a vacuous first presidency, in addition to the mechanism we've proposed and which grinded to thanks to their veto power Harb complained.
The third phase involves breaking down the components: all the remaining parts are broken into small pieces and grinded, at which point the grinded parts are sorted based on air density.
It hasn't been a smooth ride for them but They have grinded it out.
An eyewitness told Us Magazine that the duo were making out for 20 minutes, whereas another observer revealed that Bloom and Dobrev grinded on the dance floor.
Pieters, who has made just two halfway cuts this season, said: "I stayed really patient, I just grinded it out because it was really windy the first 10 or 11 holes.
Rookie point guard Trey Burke scored 21 points while Alec Burks added 14 off the bench as the Utah Jazz grinded an 83-80 victory over the Charlotte Bobcats on Monday at Energy Solutions Arena.
Trading used cars fitted with Euro 3 and 4 engines, which have been historically the most traded vehicles, have almost grinded to a halt because of new taxation system.
Finally, Ebrahim Qaed and Ali Fakhro grinded eked out a hard-earned super tie-break victory against a determined Ali Al Attar and Hassan Al Attar.
All of Elevation Burger's patties are hand-made and freshly grinded daily in the restaurants.
Meanwhile, in division one, West End were held to a 1-1 draw by Bryntirion and surrendered their briefly held leadership to AFC Porth, who grinded out a 2-0 win at battling Aberdare Town.