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a manufacturing automation and material handling solutions company, announced today that it is launching a new line of robotic grippers based on the company's electroadhesion technology.
Thanks to the open design, there are no mechanical components under the pouch grippers that have to be extensively cleaned.
As with all Robotiq Adaptive Grippers, the goal remains the same: Use a single, mechanically intelligent robot gripper to handle all your parts to reduce tooling costs, eliminate changeovers, and maximize ROI.
Tool Company, along with his father, Eric Eby, created the Kwick Gripper nail remover over a period of seven years.
The company states that electric is cleaner than either pneumatic or hydraulic grippers, therefore, the new range of grippers are very effective for handling products such as circuit boards or other dust sensitive products.
We have considered four suction grippers with diameter 40mm.
What sets the jamming-based gripper apart is its good performance with almost any object, including a raw egg or a coin - both notoriously difficult for traditional robotic grippers.
For years, Gimatic has been known for the quality of its grippers and actuators," says Jim Andraitis, president of EMI Plastics.
A special gripper system allows arrows to be individually tightened and the 18" between the hood and grippers in combination with a bumper strip on the crossbar drastically minimizes arrow vibration and noise.
Additional metric offerings include a 25mm diameter Bar Pull shank that mounts into a 25mm boring toolholder and Bar Pull grippers for bar stock 3mm to 30mm in diameter.
Robohand has introduced its new B-Series Industrial Parallel Grippers.
The modification of grippers with direct pneumatic control (the second technical improvement implemented), increased operational reliability and helped achieve higher production.