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The American-Statesman will install two shaftless Goss Magnapak systems, along with Ferag UTR press grippers and MultiDisc storage systems with direct-to-pocket technology.
SIG Pack Systems has developed and patented new gripper technology based on vacuum airflow tools, and successfully provided a fully integrated packaging system for Dutch cake manufacturer De Aviateur.
Unlike traditional horizontal beam saws that have a pusher equipped with multiple grippers in fixed positions to accommodate complex cutting patterns, the PM System employs two types of optimized, self-positioning grippers.
Standard mounting from the top, but the gripper can also be mounted from the back of the body and operate in any direction.
Festo made the grippers directly form CAD drawings using selective laser sintering, which fuses one layer of plastic at a time until the structure is complete.
The research results expressed by the above graphs show that in both studied constructive variants the dynamic performance of the grippers, expressed by values for active and return stroke speeds and times, and the maintainability of the end position, as well as the compliance ensured by the very nature of pneumatic muscles best meet the requirements of soft gripping and clamping operations of parts, particularly in mobile robotics requiring light actuating systems, capable of generating large forces and torques at moderate velocities.
com/reports/c47701) has announced the addition of Robot Grippers to their offering.
Even in cleanrooms, robotic grippers can introduce particles that are large enough to short circuit the minute electronics on a finished wafer.
The vacuum handling system from SAS Automation LLC, Xenia, Ohio, can handle parts that are often difficult for robot grippers, such as ones that are porous, soft, twisted, round, or flexible.
The challenges were not in how to design the grippers, or even the full work cell.
All these characteristics in practice avoids the use of standard grippers to automate the manipulation of leather plies by robots.
Fairlane Products' new line of straight serration grippers designed with a linear tooth pattern that increases dimensional holding power, providing excellent grip area, while minimizing witness marks.