Gross average

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GROSS AVERAGE, mar. law. That kind of average which falls on the ship, cargo, and freight, and. is distinguished from particular average. See Average.

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Gross average daily production for the current month through 27 January 2012 is about 1,879 boepd (1,163 bopd and 4,295 mcfgpd) and Texon's share(1) being: 1,008 boepd (713 bopd and 1,769 mcfgpd).
Home owning and running costs as a percentage of gross average full-time earnings are lowest in London (24 per cent) despite the capital having the highest absolute costs.
Private school fees are deemed to be affordable for an occupation if they represent 25% or less of gross average annual earnings for someone in that occupation.
It said full-time workers living in Wales had the lowest gross average earnings of the 12 nations and regions of the UK at pounds 27,187, according to Office of National Statistics data.
The company said its profits got a boost from higher oil prices as it used an accounting method known as the gross average inventory evaluation method.
In the UK as a whole, directors and chief executives were the top occupational group with gross average annual earnings of pounds 162,068 which is eighteen times the amount of the lowest paid group in the North East.
YOUR holiday pay is calculated on the basis of your gross average wage, so your holiday pay entitlement should be at the higher rate.
Gross average rate per contract across all venues in June 2008 was $1.
Income benefits while temporarily disabled and off work are generally computed at two thirds of the employee's gross average weekly wage.
They demanded an immediate increase to 50% of the gross average industrial wage for married couples.
8 times the gross average salary, compared with the 60-year average ratio of 3.
The Halifax Savings Report found that women typically have pounds 7,981 put aside, or 40% of their gross average earnings, compared with a figure of pounds 7,657 for men, accounting for 23% of their typical salary.