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GROSS AVERAGE, mar. law. That kind of average which falls on the ship, cargo, and freight, and. is distinguished from particular average. See Average.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The overall improvement in affordability across Scottish cities as a whole over the past eight years has been driven by a combination of an increase in the gross average annual earnings of PS3,179 (+10%) and an average house price decline of PS6,293 (-3%).
Year AVE Job Total female % 2009 51.29 insecurity population 2012 51.33 Rural population % 2009 44.93 2012 45.21 Employment in % 2009 28.7 primary sector 2012 29.3 Unemployment rate % 2009 7.8 2012 5.4 Share of unemployed lei 2009 28.0 from private sector 2012 34.1 in total unemployment Economic dependency [per 2009 1553 ratio thousand] 2012 1058 Social Gross average lei/pers.
The survey showed HRI's gross average pay of €42,951 put it towards the bottom of the pile, with only Bord Na Mona and An Post having a lower average.
e report comes on the heels of research which shows employees in Wales last year had the lowest gross average weekly earnings in Great Britain at PS539, below other former industrial heartlands such as Yorkshire and the Humber (PS553.50), and the West Midlands (PS569.50), and far below those paid in Scotland (598.50), the south east of England (PS640.80) and London (PS823.60).
Gross average salary decreased by 3.2% to RON 2,226, the data showed.
Gross average advances increased 11% year on year to N$13.4 billion with mortgage loans constituting an average 51% of the total loan book.
Private school fees are deemed to be affordable for an occupation if they represent 25% or less of gross average annual earnings.
That is 83.2% of the UK figure of pounds 32,569 last year, with Northern Ireland secondlowest, while gross average earnings in London exceeded the national average by 141%.
She also received a special commemorative trophy honouring her 10 consecutive victories at a remarkable gross average of 72.7 per round, believed to be an international amateur record.
Gross average daily production for the March quarter was 2,379 mcfgpd and 780 bopd (Texon's share(1): 1,221 mcfgpd and 497 bopd (700 boepd)) from 21 producing wells.
That methodology formerly was referred to as the gross average audience (GAA) rating, and it's always been the number that syndicated advertising salespeople used to sell their shows.
Properties in the Highland capital cost an average pounds 165,363, nearly six times gross average annual earnings for the area.