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Great; culpable; general; absolute. A thing in gross exists in its own right, and not as an appendage to another thing. Before or without diminution or deduction. Whole; entire; total; as in the gross sum, amount, weight—as opposed to net. Not adjusted or reduced by deductions or subtractions.

Out of all measure; beyond allowance; flagrant; shameful; as a gross dereliction of duty, a gross injustice, gross carelessness or Negligence. Such conduct as is not to be excused.

GROSS. Absolute; entire, not depending on another. Vide Common.

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Hydrolyzed feather meal exhibited similar digestibility for crude protein (0.804) and dry matter (0.795), despite the lower ADC for gross energy (0.833).
In conclusion, apparent digestibility of nutrient and gross energy of the eight experimental diets, irrespective of the DP/DE ratio and the lipid source, are highly suitable for the industry, and these diets are appropriate for rainbow trout.
splendens Cassava (a) Potato (a) Protein (%) 3.2 [+ or -] 0.02 1.3 (a) 2.0 (a) Lipid (%) 0.5 [+ or -] 0.01 0.0 (a) 0.1 (a) Carbohydrate (%) 18 [+ or -] 0.07 27.6 (a) 19.0 (a) Dietary fibre (%) 2.4 [+ or -] 0.02 1-2 (b) 0.4 (a) Ash (%) 3.5 [+ or -] 0.02 1.1 (a) 1.0 (a) Moisture (%) 79.2 [+ or -] 0.6 58-81 (b) 50-81 (b) Gross energy value (kj/g) 101.7 149 (c) 110 Sweet Parameters potato (a) Wild Yam (a) Protein (%) 1.6 (a) 3.2 (a) Lipid (%) 0.2 (a) 0.1 (a) Carbohydrate (%) 27.5 (a) 19.0 (a) Dietary fibre (%) 1.0 (a) 0.8 (a) Ash (%) 0.9 (a) 1.1 (a) Moisture (%) 50-81 (b) 65-73 (b) Gross energy value (kj/g) 121 (c) 119 (c) Values are means ([+ or -] SD) of triplicate analysis and are expressed on a dry weight basis.
Nutritional parameters for our seeds of switchgrass, guineagrass, Texas millet, and plains bristlegrass, respectively, were: protein (%) 16, 18, 13, and 13; fat (%) 15, 14, 15, and 15; acid-detergent fiber (%) 28, 35, 28, and 41; and gross energy (kcal/g) 4.15, 3.85, 4.17, and 3.72.
The total gross energy content is 307.6 kcal/g as against 149 kcal/g reported by phytotrade, 2010.
Consequent upon this, the increase in gross energy throughput entrained by growth and development will gradually slow down as well (Salthe, 2002,b), impacting the ability to recover from injuries Thus, it looks as though when failing to contribute as much as they had been doing to the maximum entropy production project of the universe, organisms begin to fail.
The second will modernise and replace certain electricity distribution networks with the aim of reducing energy losses, which in Poland eat up almost 10% of gross energy production.
economy has the potential to yield gross energy savings worth more than $1.2 trillion by 2020 if it implements energy efficiency at scale, according to a report from the consulting firm McKinsey & Company.
Gross energy The total amount of energy in the feed or ration.
(In establishing this credit, the USDA ignores the fact that if enough ethanol were produced to actually displace significant amounts of gasoline, the supply of co-product would exceed the demand and thus energy would be required to dispose of the excess co-product.) The inclusion of this energy credit brings the gross energy output of ethanol to near 27.4 MJ/L.