Gross weight

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GROSS WEIGHT. The total weight of goods or merchandise, with the chests, bags, and the like, from which. are to be deducted tare and tret.

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Then determine runway remaining, condition, aircraft gross weight and airspeed--do it quickly.
The heaviest being proposed is the RG35 6x6 with Level 4 ballistic and Level 4a/4b mine protection, a gross weight of 33 tonnes and a payload capacity of nearly 15.
gross weight as a new interstate standard, such an increase will help those portions of trucking that today are limited by weight rather than cube.
As before, Farce declares the gross weight, with protective glaze and the deglazed weight.
Machine has a gross weight of 5,500 pounds, allowing it to be towed with a 1-ton truck.
During climb out in their B-52, following a maximum gross weight takeoff for an Operation ENDURING FREEDOM combat sortie, the pilots of Havoc 21 noticed the number four engine low oil pressure light was illuminated.
The B model is a basic, hands-on, day VFR trainer with a maximum gross weight of 3,200 pounds, a maximum forward airspeed of 130 knots, and the ability to remain airborne for over 2.
To keep up with demand the transport fleet has been increased by the addition of two new 14 tonne gross weight box vans and three new 7.
According to Azure Dynamics, the company it has signed the agreement with operates a fleet that consists primarily of Class 3 delivery vehicles, with a gross weight of between 10,000 and 14,000 pounds.
The Xpress Economy, ideal technology for straight weighing applications where only gross weight reading is required and economy is important, offers battery or AC power.