Gross weight

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GROSS WEIGHT. The total weight of goods or merchandise, with the chests, bags, and the like, from which. are to be deducted tare and tret.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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* Remember that aircraft performance can only be determined after the gross weight is computed.
On the transit home my flight lead and I compared AOA flying at the same airspeed to approximate my gross weight compared to his.
To cope with the increased gross weight while maintaining the same ASV mobility the old 260-hp engine is replaced by the new 365-hp Cummins QSL and the 400-amp alternator can be replaced by a 575-amp unit.
With a gross weight of 48,000 pounds, the machine comes with a Cummins QSM 11 construction diesel engine delivering 350 hp.
In the first incident, a team of the Directorate officials of Regional Office of DG I&I Peshawar arrested two persons and recovered from them 2,240 kilogram (gross weight) of Hashish and 14 kilogram (gross weight) of heroin powder being transported on a truck from tribal areas to the down-country.
Established in 1958, the business has manufactured over 500,000 trailers to date and claims to be Britain's largest manufacturer of trailers up to 3,500kg gross weight.
Airbus Airbus is set to reveal plans for a maximum gross weight increase of its Airbus A330-300 widebody.
But there is no question that the federal government is beginning to consider raising the gross weight for big rigs on the interstates from the current 80,000 lb.
The new design delivers more useful load, increasing gross weight to accommodate passengers allowing the aircraft to become the best solution for short business trips within the region such as Iraq, Lebanon Egypt etc, and other personal trips.