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In doing so, it can transduce the myelin inhibitory signal to the axon, thus mediating growth cone collapse and growth arrest of neurites [102].
Jay, "Myosin 1c and myosin IIB serve opposing roles in lamellipodial dynamics of the neuronal growth cone," Journal of Cell Biology, vol.
(2012) Grow ing the growth cone: remodeling the cytoskeleton to promote axon regeneration.
Consequently, tau and CRMP-2 have some similarities in that both control microtubule polymerisation and stability and they both respond to the growth cone guidance molecule Sema3A [77].
Regulation of membrane expansion at the nerve growth cone. J Cell Sci 2003; 116(Pt 7):1209-1217.
Neurons synthesize and transport MMPs to their growth cones, where they are released and inactivate CSPG (49, 91, 159, 176, 184, 185).
The protein, actin, found in the growth cone membrane and within the cytoplasm, together with tubulin, the structural component of microtubules, provides the means to change the shape of the growth cone structure to move towards, or away from, the environmental cues.
Injecting a tracer into the cell body of the neuron means that over several days the tracer is transported along the axon and into the growth cone. The tracer is then coupled to fluorescent dyes that give off coloured light under the microscope.
This appraisal details Bryan's introduction of short-term, aggregate growth cones for setting monetary policy as a means of achieving his longer-term targets and the opposition he faced within the FOMC.
This pace is a little faster than last year's and again left M3 above the upper end of its growth cone, which, like the growth cone for M2, was set to be consistent with price stability.
The NGF-inducible SCG10 mRNA encodes a novel membrane-bound protein present in growth cones and abundant in developing neurons.