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It is associated with poor perinatal outcomes, including growth retardation, recurrent abortions, and stillbirth.
Moreover, a significant dose-response relationship was found, such that for every 30 g of prescribed potent or very potent topical steroids, the risk of fetal growth retardation climbed by about 3%.
One year after the end of the treatment, DEB test was applied because of growth retardation, hyperpigmentation and microcephaly and it revealed that the patient had FA.
The disease is characterised by developmental delay and growth retardation, seizures, central nervous system degeneration, defective collagen formation, abnormal hair (called 'kinky hair') and gastroesophageal reflux.
Women with thrombophilia are at an increased risk of not only venous thromboembolism, but various other complications including intrauterine foetal growth retardation, pre-eclampsia and foetal loss.
Due to severe growth retardation in the womb, Caden was delivered premature by caesarian on December 13 last year and was not well enough to go home until August, needing corrective eye surgery, a hernia operation and an appendix removed.
7) Breast-fed infants of vegan mothers are at risk of severe vitamin B12 deficiency, which may result in growth retardation and brain atrophy.
Research using the TEN system has demonstrated that alcohol-induced fetal growth retardation is potentiated by undernutrition in part via impaired alcohol metabolism and clearance.
They've compared computerized braincase reproductions for Flo, 9 people with microcephaly and growth retardation, and 10 regular-size adults.
Children from teenage parents have a much greater risk of poor health, increased risk of: anaemia, pregnancy-induced hypertension, prematurity, lower birth weights, intra-uterine growth retardation, infant mortality and some congenital anomalies
Cocaine causes constriction of the blood vessels to the placenta and leads to growth retardation and premature birth.