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PUBERTY, civil law. The age in boys after fourteen years until full age, and in girls after twelve years until full age. Ayl. Pand. 63; Hall's Pract. 14; Toull. Dr. Civ. Fr. tom. 6, p. 100; Inst. 1, 22; Dig. 1, 7, 40, 1; Code, 5, 60, 3.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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They found increased soil temperatures, especially in winter, are likely powering the growth spurts. They suspect the warmer temperatures lower the depth of the permafrost layer, providing the trees' roots more room to expand and access to more nutrients.
Key words: Growth spurt, growth prediction, Hand-wrist radiograph.
"Growth spurts were associated with increased sleep bout duration in boys compared with girls and increased number of sleep bouts in girls compared with boys," says Lampl.
"The growth spurts caused her feet to turn inwards and seriously affected her ability to walk," said Angela.
" But even teens who start their growth spurts late--most often because their Parents were also "late bloomers"--usually end up reaching their adult height by the time they graduate from high school.
At puberty, there's a huge growth spurt. At this time, sex hormones boost the growth hormone, and in girls this happens two years earlier than boys.
These treatments include decreasing fatigue, backing off during growth spurts, getting a correct diagnosis, and rehabilitating residual problems to prevent re-injury.
After scrutinizing the remains of four tyrannosaur species, researchers suggest that the beasts went through a substantial teenage growth spurt.
This means that not only does sleep predict a growth spurt in length, but it also predicts an increase in weight and abdominal fat, implying an anabolic growth process.
Many dancers lose their motivation when they hit a plateau--yet this is often a temporary problem in response to growth spurts, injuries, burnout, and fatigue.
For teens, who need extra calcium for growth spurts, the situation is far worse.
MOUNTAINS have growth spurts that can double their height in just four million years, research shows.