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For over ten years he has been at the forefront of a pioneering public health project in the city, the Guangzhou Biobank Cohort Study.
Flight KA782 will depart Hong Kong at 08:35, arriving in Guangzhou at 09:25, with return flight KA783 departing Guangzhou at 10:15 and arriving in Hong Kong at 11:15.
According to a top executive of Guangzhou Toyota, there are three main reasons for taking this decision- Guangzhou is a very local name, not so suitable for joint ventures globalisation needs, the sales network and corporate names should be unified, and the new names will feature the names and brands of each side of the ventures.
The new research center will help Guangzhou Honda enhance its own development capability and offer products more suitable for local customers, the report quoted Fu Shoujie, executive vice president of the venture, as saying.
The event is being held in conjunction with the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau.
Address for correspondence: Xiao-Yan Che, Center of Laboratory, Zhujiang Hospital, First Military Medical University, Guangzhou 510282, People's Republic of China; fax: 86-2061643592; email: linche@pub.
Unisys business process analysis helped Guangzhou Airport executives visualize the current and future operations of the airport, providing a clear view of the interrelations between the systems, processes and strategy.
Incoming P & G managers established an effective working relationship with the former general manager of the Guangzhou Soap Factory.
China southern will be operating non-stop Boeing 777 service between Guangzhou and Los Angeles International Airport every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday O and two flights from Guangzhou to Saipan each week.
THE University of Birmingham is broadening its Far Eastern horizons - with the launch of a collaborative centre later this summer in Guangzhou, China.
Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group (Guangzhou), a China-based automaker, has established its bus company in China.
Guangzhou is China's third largest city and its southern manufacturing hub.

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