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GUBERNATOR, civil law. A pilot or steersman of a ship. 2 Pet. Adm. Dec. Appx. lxxxiii.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The prehistory of the term can be traced back at least to Plato where kybernetes meaning "steersman" or "governor" (from the Latin gubernator)--the same root as government--was used to refer to governing of the city-state as an art, based on the metaphor of the art of navigation or steering a ship.
(4) The term gubernator (equivalent to the Greek kubernetes) applies, as here, metaphorically in the sense of governor in the political context.
Ukrainian businessmen expressed greatest interest for investing in FYR Macedonia's tourism, agricultural, energy sectors, machinery industry, mining and construction.The FYR Macedonian delegation, which also includes Bill Pavleski, the Minister without portfolio responsible for attracting foreign investments, and CEO of Technological Industrial Development Zones (TIDZs) Viktor Mizo, held talks with Dnepropetrovsk Gubernator and his economic team, discussing possibilities for bolstering the economic cooperation.
Shriver even stood by her husband's side as he ran for California's governorship in 2003, even after the Los Angeles Times reported accusations by several women that they had been groped by the Gubernator. Schwarzenegger was elected twice to governorship.
After winning an election to the governership of California and serving a seven-year term -- where he earned the nickname "The Gubernator" -- he is back on the entertainment circuit promoting an animated series of the same name about the adventures of a comic book alter ego.