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GUBERNATOR, civil law. A pilot or steersman of a ship. 2 Pet. Adm. Dec. Appx. lxxxiii.

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The voevoda or guberniia system under the tsars as well as the previous Soviet practice of assigning a party "prefect" to the regions each entailed one individual--be it a voevoda, gubernator, or first secretary--ultimately in charge of, and answerable for, the affairs of the region.
The FYR Macedonian delegation, which also includes Bill Pavleski, the Minister without portfolio responsible for attracting foreign investments, and CEO of Technological Industrial Development Zones (TIDZs) Viktor Mizo, held talks with Dnepropetrovsk Gubernator and his economic team, discussing possibilities for bolstering the economic cooperation.
35 (quod est IN triremi gubernaTOR, IN curru recTOR, praecenTOR IN choris, lex IN urbe, dux IN exercitu, hoc est IN mundo deus): praecentor neol.
Shriver even stood by her husband's side as he ran for California's governorship in 2003, even after the Los Angeles Times reported accusations by several women that they had been groped by the Gubernator.
La idea de los "votos de los marineros en la tormenta" es un lugar comun de la poesia latina: "Votaque servati solvent in litore nautae" (105); "Non est meum, si mugiat Africis / malus procellis, ad miseras preces / decurrere et votis pacisci" (106); "Ipse gubernator, tollens ad sidera palmas, / Exposcit votis, inmemor artis, opem" (107); "In vota miseros ultimos cogit timor" (108).