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As the 9/11 Commission found, most of al Qaeda's trainees from the mid-1990s on were trained in guerrilla warfare, just like Usama Hamza Australi.
Its successes have been partly the result of a shift to the close-quarters guerrilla warfare in which Hezbollah specialises.
Source: Adapted from Sarkesian, S C, Revolutionary Guerrilla Warfare, Precedent Publishing Company, Chicago, 1975.
Collins' campaign of guerrilla warfare against the British proves to be a spectacular success, as rejecting conventional tactics he uses an invisible army that strikes with whatever means possible.
They are honing their skills as spies and saboteurs for guerrilla warfare against doctors and pro-choice advocates.
Essays are from 1988 to 2004 and cover mobilization, naval warfare, the Sino-Japanese War, the military and the Republic, Wuhan, the Communist Revolution, guerrilla warfare, and the Vietnam War.
But gang warfare is different than guerrilla warfare, where you can't tell the difference in your enemy.
Combating guerrilla warfare is nigh on impossible when the locals are against what they see as an occupation.
Under Communist rule both the regular Yugoslav army and civilian Territorial Forces - who now make up many of the paramilitary units carrying out ethnic cleansing - were trained in guerrilla warfare in case of a Russian invasion.
Rebel Tory peers, still angry over the sacking of former Lords leader Lord Cranborne, are defying calls for guerrilla warfare against Labour policy.
FEDAYEEN fighters are attempting to use the safety of the Iranian border with Iraq to wage a guerrilla warfare campaign against British troops.