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The reader is shown the ubiquity of guerrilla warfare (a term invented during the Peninsular Campaign against Napoleon's occupation of Spain in the early nineteenth century), and Boot argues that it is a fundamental part of warfare whenever a weaker opponent must avoid direct military confrontation with a stronger power and resort to less conventional means.
Its successes have been partly the result of a shift to the close-quarters guerrilla warfare in which Hezbollah specialises.
Despite a common belief, guerrilla warfare is not an "Eastern Way of War.
Although Galula seems to emphasize the protracted model of guerrilla warfare, he notes a different one employed by the National Liberation Front in Algeria--the "Bourgeois-Nationalist" pattern.
In each, one side fought using tactics of guerrilla warfare, a style of war that favors a less organized, undersupplied army that strikes quickly and unexpectedly against a more powerful enemy (Ho Chi Minh likened it to a battle between an elephant and a tiger).
Guerrilla warfare is a rational response to overwhelming and organized force, the means by which the weak can frustrate, wear down, and overcome the strong, whether they be British troops at Lexington and Concord, French and later American troops in the Mekong Delta, or Hitler's Wehrmacht in Yugoslavia.
Third, it provides readers with a comprehensive case study on the planning, preparation, and execution of irregular warfare with emphasis on guerrilla warfare.
His urban guerrilla warfare has instilled such a degree of courage in the people that they are always ready to jump on to the streets to protest against anything they feel strongly about.
With such political turmoil in the Middle East, the PKK's guerrilla warfare only serves the internal and regional interests of Turkey, Iran and Syria, but not the Kurdish national liberation struggle.
Many of the vehicles have been transformed and modernized with heavy steel plating, ballistic-resistant windows and through other ways aimed at providing better security to troops in urban guerrilla warfare.
Labour Party bosses have planned for this eventuality and will now try to use Wales as a base for guerrilla warfare against the London government.
I first became aware of Guevara's book called Guerrilla Warfare in a bookstore in Havana.