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8226; Checks if the WordPress database prefix is guessable.
Users should be encouraged to avoid using easily guessable dates, numeric patterns or passphrases.
This suggests that the practice test (said by ASWB to contain items like those on actual examinations) is excessively transparent or guessable and cannot justifiably be claimed to be a valid assessment of competence to practice social work.
The suspense is well-built and there are some nice touches - an over-elaborately detailed child's nursery contrasting with the spartan bare stage setting of the main action - but it just isn't all that scary and the twist at the end is guessable well before the interval.
Reasons for this include theft of physical documents from places such as desks and mailboxes, sharing computers with friends and family, storing online account passwords and using auto-login, and using simple, guessable passwords.
The problem is that virtual systems have much less entropy than physical ones, so random numbers could be guessable, iSEC's Stamos says.
It's about weak passwords that are easily guessable, with a huge contribution from people's habit of putting online information that they wouldn't otherwise share with anyone but their closest friends.
Weakness, such as sharing passwords, losing tokens, guessable passwords, forgetting passwords and a lot more, were successfully targeted by biometric systems.
However, despite the plot being so guessable from the word go, it is very readable, and decidedly cosy.
1 Passwords--users need credentials such as passwords (perhaps too many), to do their work but no matter how much difficulty you might have in remembering a password, leaving it blank or making it easily guessable (eg the same as your account name) is not a good idea.
Yet it is also a series of windows on unknowable but immediately absorbable faces, alien life choices, and ciphers whose immediate pasts and futures seem accessible, guessable to us because of the very mobility of Bjerger's paint - they seem to be sliding straight out of their last moments into their next via this one, which we just happened to come along and catch.