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Intruder Information Intruder = Mallory IntruderKnowledge = {Alice, Bob, Mallory, Sam, Nm, PK, SPK, SK(Mallory), SKey(Mallory)} Guessable = SessionKey Crackable = SessionKey Crackable = ServerKey Crackable = Password
Two out of three security breaches that leads to the theft of information exploits weak, default or easily guessable passwords.
They do little good when the hackers have gotten inside the network using legitimate logins--guessing default admin passwords or exploiting guessable user passwords--or have entered through other means, or when the attack is carried out by an insider rather than a hacker.
Sites that have security questions that rely on "answers only you would know" sometimes only offer simplistic, guessable, or overly vague questions.
I'd say 108 million people fall into the range of likely very easily guessable passwords," he said.
The most well-known hacking incidents of late have involved the exploitation of default or easily guessable credentials; the use of stolen login credentials; brute force (for example, attacks that systematically try every possible combination of letters, numbers, and symbols until the correct combination grants access); "dictionary attacks," or strategies involving systematically entering every word in a dictionary as a password to access password-protected servers or encrypted information; and the exploitation of insufficient authentication protocols.
While it retains the somewhat shapeless, character-driven story approach that has distinguished all the writer-director's work so far, "Enough Said" hinges on a plot twist that is fairly guessable from the get-go, making it a relief that the script gets it out of the way early on.
And this is where the vulnerability comes in, since people often use guessable passwords such as, well, 'password'.
Overall much of the book is guessable, as Seifer's skullball skills inevitably come into play and readers learn that his homebody father is more than he seems, but the humor and fast pace keep it lively and fun.
8226; Checks if the WordPress database prefix is guessable.
Users should be encouraged to avoid using easily guessable dates, numeric patterns or passphrases.