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We look forward to working with Guideposts and are committed to contributing to their campaigns, which bring communities together.
Their guideposts, when considered together, are intended to put employees in a position to understand and appreciate their health care benefits.
Not every person will remember dreams and, while they may serve as guideposts, even without dreams, an awareness of the symbolism within bodily symptoms and events remembered from childhood, or even fantasies, can provide a clue for the astute homeopath.
As the caretakers began developing their Guideposts, Evan and I provided training in HTML as well as assistance in developing content.
Additionally, the website has expanded its newsletter offerings and daily content based on the needs and interests of Guideposts readers.
Desiree Lambert, manager of Guideposts, the charity which runs the cafe, said: "The community cafe has been a huge success during its first year and is used by all sections of the community to relax and have some refreshment.
All proceeds from next week's event will go to the Guideposts charity, which helps more than 1,500 people in Nuneaton and Bedworth.
Graham Betts with carer Janice Willenden and Guideposts Community Cafe manager Sandra Lippolis.
All donations need to be handed in by Tuesday, August 28 and all proceeds from the sale will go to Guideposts, which helps people who act as carers for others.
Desiree Lambert, manager of the Guideposts Trust Carer Support Service in Nuneaton, paid tribute to the selfless dedication of the workers.
Guideposts Carers Support Service, which covers Rugby and Nuneaton, is holding events to mark National Carers' Week, including massage, reflexology and reiki sessions, a balloon launch and a church service.
Guideposts Carers Support Service says many people who look after friends or family with special needs are unaware of the support available to them.

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