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GUILD. A fraternity or company. Guild hall, the place of meeting of guilds. Beame's, Glanville, 108 (n).

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The Freemen and Guilds awards evening celebrated the academic and personal achievements of 15 learners and apprentices from across the region, studying at the college.
ACKLAM Townswomen's Guild was formed more than 80 years ago with a remit to encourage the education of women.
It was in 1933 that the organisation changed its name to National Union of Townswomen's Guilds and the women's suffrage societies' colours were adopted - red for courage, white for faith and green for hope.
Dublin's key economic privilege was its right to form guilds, whose members had the exclusive right to work at certain occupations and trade certain goods.
Sheilagh Ogilvie offers an erudite critique of the medieval and early modern merchant guilds, so often defended in academic debates.
Fitzsimmons takes a chronological approach to this study and begins, in the first chapter, with a discussion on the state of guilds at the end of the Old Regime and their demise during the first years of the Revolution.
The event, attended by women from guilds around West Yorkshire, was opened by the Mayor of Kirklees, Clr Julie Stewart, and the guild's national chairman Sue Smith.
CITY & GUILDS is the leading vocational awarding body in Wales.
Is there an advantage to being a member of either or both of these guilds, other than just the status of being able to say that you're a member?
In Fitzgerald's determination to demonstrate the maleness of guild structures, life, and drama, it sometimes becomes unclear which men she is speaking about: ordinary artisans or the civic authorities, members themselves of wealthy merchant guilds?
Thirty-seven women patients took part in the activities of the guild, named the Claremont Guild, which was run on the same basis as the other guilds.