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The Black Cats will be aiming to exploit Wigan's highlysuspect defence, however Bruce does not want a repeat of the gung-ho attitude his side displayed in the final 15 minutes against Fulham when the Londoners could have snatched all three points.
Which of the leaders, do we now think, is least likely to have a gung-ho attitude to taking this country into what many regard as an illegal war?
Before the Springbok coach could do any more damage in rugby's china shop he was hauled in by South African Rugby Union bosses who it seems have managed to get it into his skull, presumably with the help of a pneumatic drill, that his gung-ho attitude to fair play, rules and thuggery might not be doing the Springbok's name much good in world rugby.
A late flurry from Wolves ensured some nervy last moments for Stoke but they needed not have worried as McCarthy's side paid the price for their gung-ho attitude.
A gung-ho attitude against an Ireland side, who despite their recent struggles are still held in high regard by the French, is not therefore expected.
Embodying a certain macho perfection, from his posture to his gung-ho attitude, he gives impressionable, unmolded Louisiana boys something to aspire to, partly because he's so invested himself: During a college-prep night at the local high school, 90% of the parents leave before Usie can deliver his Army-is-the-answer speech.
Her gung-ho attitude is reflected in her performance, which demands a high level of physicality.
Lieutenant Dieter Dengler (Christian Bale) is a Navy pilot with a gung-ho attitude to his mission - even when he's shot down and captured.
"It is good when someone does something like that, but we also get concerned because it could create a gung-ho attitude.
And he puts the club's happy wandering down to a slightly gung-ho attitude.
"The gung-ho attitude of Royal Mail management is unacceptable.
Thomas Muller and his friends will relish the space afforded to them by City's gung-ho attitude and I can see them put the Premier League champs to the sword, but with the Sky Blues packing a decent punch themselves, the bet is Bayern to win and both teams to score which is a 13/5 shot.