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Roosevelt (1915); during World War I he taught new gunnery techniques to the British Grand Fleet, and served as squadron gunnery officer with the U.
Also, he served as the command gunnery officer and as an instructor at the DSSC.
The gunnery officer gave the range as 800 yards; the captain agreed and said, "I thought it was about that far.
Will I last the three months of filming, will I be able to cope with the boot-camp ranting and raving of the US Marines Gunnery officer, Harvey W Walden IV, who brought terror to the contestants of the first series?
He met his wife when he was serving as a staff gunnery officer in Singapore, but the outbreak of the Suez crisis interrupted their honeymoon on a ship carrying them home.
preparation in World War I; following promotion to lieutenant (November 1917) he was sent overseas as gunnery officer aboard U.
Merkel served in World War II as a torpedo and gunnery officer in the Navy, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and was awarded numerous medals and ribbons for his service in the Southwest Pacific Surface Combat Task Forces.
Captain Alvaro Lonzieme,42, who was gunnery officer aboard the Belgrano when it was torpedoed and sunk by the British nuclear submarine Conqueror, added quietly: "I am aware of all the controversy about the sinking of my ship.
Born in Satsuma fief, later Kagoshima prefecture (1848); as a youth took part in the defense of Kagoshima against a British bombardment (August 15-16, 1863); entered the Satsuma domain navy (1866), and as a gunnery officer aboard the Satsuma warship Kasuga he fought in the action off Awaji Shima (island) (March 1868) during the Boshin (Restoration) War that overthrew the Tokugawa shogunate; fought at Hakodate on Hokkaido against Takeaki Enomoto's abortive rebellion (1869); entered the new Imperial Navy as a cadet (1871); later that year he was sent to Britain as a naval student, and trained aboard H.