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Figure 1 Thinking Hat Types and Directions for Stations Hat Type/ Decision- Color Making Step Directions for Each Station Baseball Gut Reaction With this hat, look at the decision Hat to be made using your intuition, gut reaction, and emotion.
Performing to her was a gut reaction and completely natural.
Mossbrueker used the same gut reaction to commission neophyte choreographer Nicolo Fonte to create a new work.
Oedipus's gut reaction is to strike back, killing the traveler.
All too often, investors act on their gut reaction to bad news reports about a company and end up selling a stock prematurely, sometimes taking an unnecessary loss.
To his credit, several times in his glorification of the hunting life, there is questioning of his gut reaction to killing and cleaning prey and the "turning of the switch" as he refers to the shutdown of his emotional response to the act.
As a combat veteran, my gut reaction was: If you're ready to accept the moral and psychological consequences of using that thing, then you go, girl.
"Their gut reaction may be to drop their price to match that of a generic," he says.
"My gut reaction is that we are pressing too far, too fast with ideas that impinge on our understanding of what normality is," he said.
He was a cameraman, a director and an editor who had a gut reaction to a story and was passionate about his craft.
My gut reaction on all the hype about depression is that it's overblown.
This time has given me an opportunity to mull over the materials and give you that "gut reaction" you requested.