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Reflecting EBB's self-identification as a "citizenness of the world" and her love of "wild wandering gypsey habits" (pp.
Instead of ingenious essays, elegant pieces of gallantry, and witty satires all stuck over with classical allusions, we have, in our popular poetry, the dreams of convicts, and the agonies of Gypsey women,--and the exploits of buccaneers, freebooters, and savages--and pictures to shudder at, of remorse, revenge, and insanity--and the triumph of generous feelings in scenes of anguish and terror--and the heroism of low-born affection and the tragedies of vulgar atrocity.
Over the Rainbow Memorials, with their kindness, their respect of my feelings, and their sincere regard for creating the perfect memorial for my Gypsey, helped me immeasurably in advancing through the grieving process.