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The next parts of Table 2 contain compression results of the introduced HTML corpus using gzip, LZMA, PPMVC, FastPAQ, and our implementation of the SDHT and SHT algorithms combined with gzip, LZMA, PPMVC, and FastPAQ.
SHT with gzip achieves compression results better than all word-based text compression algorithms, including a PPM-based mPPM.
SHT improves compression of the introduced HTML corpus on average by about 15% in case of gzip, 12% for LZMA, almost 8% in case of PPMVC and 10% for FastPAQ.
Concluding, SHT with gzip gives 15% improvement over gzip achieving comparable processing speed.
HTML is usually used in combination with gzip compression, but gzip is a general-purpose compression algorithm and much better results can be achieved with a compression algorithm specialized for dealing with HTML documents.
Comtech's AHA3610 implements the open standard GZIP format (deflate compression and decompression algorithm).
This new GZIP IC increases throughput and performance by reducing file size, memory requirements, transmission time and link requirements.
The GZIP family of cores is based on CebaTech's integrated CebaIP Platform(TM) (see http://www.
The GZIP family is standards-based and conforms to the popular "deflate" standard as specified in RFC1951.
The GZIP family also includes optional advanced encryption standard (AES) capability with select cipher modes for securing "data at rest" inside the enterprise.
The GZIP family of CebaIP cores with AES cryptography is the perfect blend of high speed hardware-based compression technology to reduce the operational costs of storing and transmitting data, and to secure this data from potential enterprise-wide threats.
The GZIP family is the first offering of CebaIP core configurations based on CebaTech's CebaIP Platform.