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WATER. That liquid substance of which the sea, the rivers, and creeks are composed.
     2. A pool of water, or a stream or water course, is considered as part of the land, hence a pool of twenty acres, would pass by the grant of twenty acres of land, without mentioning the water. 2 Bl. Com. 18; 2 N. H. Rep. 255; 1, Wend. R. 255; 5 Paige, R. 141; 2 N. H. Rep. 371; 2 Brownl. 142; 5 Cowen, R. 216; 5 Conn. R. 497; 1 Wend. R. 237. A mere grant of water passes only a fishery. Co. Lit. 4 b.
     3. Like land, water is distinguishable into different parts, as the sea, (q.v.) rivers, (q.v.) docks, (q.v.) canals, (q.v.) ponds, q v.) and sewers, (q.v.) and to these may be added at water course. (q.v.) Vide 4 Mason, R. 397 River; Water course.

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H2O is an investment holding company, which is engaged in the operation, maintenance, and distribution of water supply system through its subsidiary CWWC.
Now, through Club H2O, we can offer them higher levels of advancement, achievement, satisfaction and success than ever before.
We looked very closely at the performance of our existing equipment, and at the specifications of the new iMaster H2O, and we concluded that the Thies iMaster H2O represented the new generation of dyeing machines.
According to H2O Wireless this new service is the first prepaid alternative to long-term contracts or international broadband rentals and is more convenient than tracking down GSM service providers in different countries.
MHz and capacities up to 6GB, Kingston HyperX H2O is the newest addition to the HyperX product family and supports the needs of enthusiasts and extreme gamers building with water-cooled systems,.
Clients simply provide H2O New Media with a brief detailing the target demographic and we then identify the process to recruit the desired profile of followers.
The company has offered H2O packages for eco-sensitive travellers who will like to be informed about the ecology surrounding the company destinations.
Our core business is the provision of niche vertical social media communities for the Middle Eastern Market, those publications require content, acquiring a company that already manages a large number of clients content distribution requirements in the social space simply made sense" said Steve Vaile, chief executive officer, H2O New Media.
H2O Australia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of i3 Group.
H2O gang member, Karl, said: "It's important to drink enough water as part of a healthy lifestyle.
Systems' H2O 1800 series collar system is a fully waterproof unit that covers both basic and advanced training needs.