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The scientists suggest that the presence of the H3 receptors on the surface of the same cells that release histamine could indicate a feedback mechanism in which the receptors shut down histamine release when the substance reaches a certain level.
The pipeline is completed by a histamine H3 receptor antagonist programme possessing CNS-sparing properties which is in advanced preclinical development and an early-stage spleen tyrosine kinase (SYK) inhibitor programme suitable for topical administration.
The histamine H3 receptor is predominantly expressed in the brain, and inverse agonists of the H3 receptor increase the synthesis and release of histamine through inhibition of presynaptic autoreceptors.
Two of the papers describe developments in Gliatech's programs relating to the selective histamine H3 receptor agents for the treatment of brain disorders.
The histamine H3 receptor is a target of significant interest for the potential treatment of sleep disorders (e.
The histamine H3 receptor is predominantly found in the brain, where it regulates histamine release.